Inspire people to move more while working


Project details

An initiative of myself for my study together with rb2 I worked out a concept for people that work in an office or have a job where they sit a lot. Office job combined with sitting on a couch or somewhere else people sit around 9 hours a day. Sitting so much hours on a day can cause 38 chronic diseases. The solution is an application in where stakeholders can challenge each other for sportive exercise. The application is connected with a wearable that collects data such as; steps, stairs, heartbeat and running activities. The user make their own or choose from the existing challenges and play this in their work week against colleagues.

The challenges are competitive and in different forms; one against the rest of the team, team against team or company against company. The content is tailored for use in the office. The target group creates their own content by adding challenges themselves. The name simply describes what the application entails. WorkWeek stands for the working week of the target group; in this week they do challenges. Merged WorkWeekChallenge.

Project management, (user) research, stakeholder mapping, wireframing, user experience design and testing.

Persona & Costumer journey

Who is the user and how do they act on daily bases

End result

How does the finished product work

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