Bringing people together in one street.

The knowledge Mile

Project details

The knowledge mile, an initiative of the HvA to bring the students, companies and residents on the Weesperstraat together. We, a team of 3, needed to find a solution to find the problems of residents and connect these problems to students as a project. To filter the irrelevant problems the solutions focused on the following themes; Environment, Traffic nuisance and Social cohesion. Next to solving the problems of the street, the knowledge mile was in need to get more brand awareness within the students, companies and residents.

In order to get the residents’ problems to the school, we have a devised; The Know it (W) all. The Know it (W) all is a mobile interactive installation where residents can enter their complaints. These problems then end up with teachers for projects. Every two weeks the wall receives a different theme on which residents can enter their complaints. The themes include; the environment, traffic nuisance, social cohesion and other themes that the Knowledge Mile is concerned with.

User research, marketing, promotion material

End result

How does the finished screen and promotion material look like?

Flyer for the residents in the street of The Knowledge Mile.

Persona of the residents of the street.