Icon family

LeasePlan Digital

Project details

LeasePlan had an icon and a seperate pictogram set but these were not in the same style. There was no grid that the designers used and the line thicknesses were incorrect. My assignment was; bring the icons and pictogram into one style.

Before starting we, another designer and I, decided which icons sizes, and line thickness we will be using across the chosen sizes. After that a list for the first delivery with; which icons, delivery date and the requirements with a few icons.

Branding / Indentity, icons design/ family

Icons vs. Pictogram

Understanding the style

The picogram style is black. As the size becomes smaller, the lines close. The format is:
XS: 16 x 16 px
S: 24 x 24 px
M: 36 x 36 px

The icons are in orange. The large size is always in a circle with the exception of car types.
The format of the icons are:
S: 64×64 px
L: 250 X 250 px

Keyline grid

What is the base?


Keylines form the base of the format. By using these core forms as guidelines, the relationships become consistent. The keylines have certain forms such as; circle, square, rectangle and diagonals.

By merging the pictograms and the icons there are 5 different formats. A 6th icon has been added for a good transition.The formats and line thicknesses are as follows:
XS: 16 x 16, 1.5 px line
S: 24 x 24, 2 px line
M: 36 x 36, 2.5 px line
L: 48 x 48, 3 px line
XL: 64 x 64, 3 px line
XXL: 250 x 250, 5 px line

New set

Merge into one family