Logo Design

Cyber Seals

Project details

Stephan, owner of the new startup Cyber Seals, asked me to create a visual identity including a logo that suits their company vision. The branding needed to feel like “home”. Where people are hard workers but have the feeling of being with their second family. The name Cyber Seals comes from the Navy Seals, the special forces of America.

Branding / Indentity, Logo design

First Pass

First 3 ideas in different styles.


The first lettertype I presented and the one that was chosen. This lettertype is a Sans Serif type of lettertype. Montserrat has 16 different font styles. Because of the variation there is a lot of room to play with the text in the logo, the website and any promotional materials.


Polly is a round font that feels friendly. With that feeling I choose this as the second lettertype The font is easy to use due to the 4 different line thicknesses.


Lato looks a lot like Montserrat and falls in the same category, Sans Serif. The difference with Montserrat is that Lato has partly rounded edges. This makes the font more “playful”. The font is also thinner and consists of 10 different styles.


As said on top the name stamps from the Navy Seals. This was the feeling they wanted to go for. With this in the back of my head I found three sets they could choose from.

Navy is color set they choose.

Second Pass

Explore extra options

New color set

After the meeting they had some doubts if the color was not too dark. They asked me to have another look with the same feeling but less dark. The new navy color has a bit more blue with a lighter tone.


After choosing the color and lettertype I looked at options to extend the brand. A logo with something extra.


What did they use and how does it look?

Cyber Seals website

The final results is with the first color green. The second color is choosen by them. A color that worked better for their brand. See the results yourself!